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Doug has a problem. His friends parents are coming to town to meet his new fiance. Guess who gets voluntered to play the part of the fiance.
Two race changes in this because of a question I was asked on the fictionmania irc forums.


After a bet turns Jerry and Erics life inside out they need 3 little words to get put things back to normal. But it's never that easy is it?


What happend to Eric turned Tiffany? People wanted to know so here it is. It's a spin-off of 3 Words. It's 25 pages and I think I may actually like how this came out. Of course its hard to judge your own work. Hope I'm right.


Danny's sister is crazy for a teen idol. When she finds out he's in town she'll stop at nothing to meet him. Unfortunatly for Danny.


Amy needs someone to watch her cat for the weekend. Doug volunteers. But while Amy is away Doug will play. With a little help from his magic necklace of course.