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Important! You need to give me an e-mail address that will accecpt a 5 meg file so I can send the comics. icolan@yahoo.com

Popularity is about a guy who makes an idle wish one night and has his life altered. I know thats a really generic explination but it can be hard to go in to details without ruining the surprises. It also might be that I made it overly complicated and I confuse myself a bit too much trying to think about it.

Warning its is a bit on the dark and twisted side. Only a bit.


Popularity - $3.00

There's a bit of an homage to SRU in here. I never would have gotten the wizard character right but a line or two didn't seem beyond me. 26 pages I think. I think its almost like the title makes it sound. I might be prejudiced by all the Britney/Lindsey/Paris garbage in the news all the time though.

What Girls Want

What Girls Want - $3.00

I really like this one. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's the huge breasted blonde or the coming out on top. But I like it.

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson - $3.00

So the title is a bit cliche. What can I say? I am a hack. This is about a guy who goes a little too far when he gets obsessed with a girl he meets one night. 27 pages. Too many words hopefully some of them spelled right and everything.

Threes Company

Threes Company - $3.00

His mother has had enough of him laying around all day so she finds a unique way to try and get him motivated but it backfires. Or does it? That's the synopsis and I'm sticking with it even if it sounds a bit trite? Is that the right word?

Momma's Boy

Mommas Boy - $3.00

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