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Important! You need to give me an e-mail address that will accecpt a 5 meg file so I can send the comics. icolan@yahoo.com

I think this is the longest comic I've done yet at 52 pages. Its about 2 army buddies sharing a house and one of them well you know.

A couple of warnings. First there is no before/transform sequences (Though there are a lot of costumes) and at there end there is a bit of a dark twist.


Cyber -  $3.00

Patrick has harrased one too many coeds and the the powers that be decide that a change dorm assignments is just what he needs.

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training - $3.00

The short answer is its a bodyswap/possession. The details are I'm not sure what I was thinking when I made it. It's bit maybe corney? When I went over it parts of it made me chuckle a couple made me cringe. But what the heck I kept it.


Obsession - $3.00

I've been wanting to do something with a hot teacher for a while now. Especially after that Hardys ad they yanked a while ago. In some ways this may be my best one. Or at least I like it the most.  31 pages lots of pics.

The Substitute

The Substitute - $3.00

Girl breaks up with boy. Boy has an odd plan to deal with this.  Pretty simple. Though why he would miss her when he has a mirror is beyond me.

Break Up

Break up - $3.00

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