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Bundle A is now in my 4 shared folder. Meaning they're free. Go get 'em.

The first bonus was 6 pages worth of Mom-enstein.
It's a little bit between the new Mom and her maid. I made it because I wanted to do something with the two outfits in the picture.

Mom Mini

A lot of people kept asking me for More Mom. So I made this one. (It got me the car prop for Mom 2).
It takes place a bit further along in the story. David and Vinny tag along on a photo shoot in the Caribbean. Theres a pool party with the models and a lot of Celebs and Vinny wants to go but Mom said no.

Mom X2

Pop Science is about a guy who goes to spend part of his summer vacation with his eccentric uncle. The uncle has come up with a method of transfering a mind in to a cloned body. He offers his Nephew a job to test the process using some DNA from a Pop Star.

Pop Sci

Two VAMPIRE LARP players are scouting locations for a Story. They wanted a place where the girls probably wouldn't want to go because they are tired of the way they dominate the game.
Some Toxic run off gives thems other ideas.
I want to expand this one at some point. I just need more hours in the day.


This comic was an attempt to show off a Strip Club Set. I called it Witchy and it got all the way up to 20 pages.
The title kind of makes part of the story obvious. A rich older woman gets tired of her boyfriend cheating all the time so she breaks up and gets some payback at the same time.



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