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A note about the contribution comics. I E-mail them out.  You have to make sure your E-mail can handle them. Size wise or anything that would block or filter an attachment.  Im pretty easy and if theres any kind of problem all you have to do is E-mail me.

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I need a bit of help. The house where I live is being sold. I make rent but enough to move somewhere else isn't happening.

Usually in this situation I just get a part time job but I live in the middle of no where and the closest place to look for that kind of work is over an hour away.

So like a lot of people I'm turning to the internet. Instead of just asking for money though what I thought I would do start a donation page with an open amount. If there's a comic you want (except Working Girls) donate any thing over $1.50 and name the comic you want and I'll send it.

I hate to do this but it's the only choice I have right now. The donation link is on the back issues page. Thanks for reading.

Back Issues

Now Playing Working Girls


Working girls - also September 2015

Still stuck as two real voluptuous cartoon characters our hero(ines) face the next challenge. Day jobs.

In back issues. I should get rid of this page.

Back Issues

Pussycats - September 2015

Have you ever wondered how Josie got the band together?

Intentions - August 2015

The best intentions are in back issues.

Baby- July 2015

Raising a teenager is never easy. You never know what they're up to.

This one is a body swap and it's in back issues.

The Life part 7- June 2015

The final issue of the Life.  It's not all it's cracked up to be.

The Life part 6- May 2015

The adventure continues.

The Life part 5- May 2015

Kenny gets what he asks for... again. You think he would have learned.

The Life part 4 - April 2015

Having a new Playstation and getting to play it are two different things. It shouldn't be that hard.

The Life part 3 - March 2015

You're young, rich and sexy. What do you do? That's right you go out and buy video games.

The Life part 2 - February 2015

The life has it's downsides as Kenny is starting to figure out. It's with the rest of the new comics in back issues. I really need to restructure.

The Life - Also January 2015

It hit me I really should have done a Christmas comic. What makes more sense for a Christmas comic than something along the lines of It's a wonderful life. Very loose sketchy lines,

In back issues.

Payback - January 2015

His stepfather isn't evil but he is close enough to drive Dean crazy. With a little help from friends he comes up with a unique way to get a little payback.

32 pages of my usual weirdness. As always just look for the back issues links.

Two of a Kind - December 2014

Jessie is back and this time things have gone from bad to worse. At least time he's got company.

It's not as long as the last two but it still came in at 29 pages. Just follow the back issue links.

Possessive - November 2014

Don't get too excited the title is misleading it's not that type of possession though I probably should do one of those again.

36 pages just follow the back issues link.