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A note about the contribution comics. I E-mail them out.  You have to make sure your E-mail can handle them. Size wise or anything that would block or filter an attachment.  Im pretty easy and if theres any kind of problem all you have to do is E-mail me.

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Added a new outtake for Bad date in the Mediafire folder. Actually I added it last month but I forgot to mention it here.

The Life part 4

I can think of a lot things to do with this character.

Yeah it's hard to read and I bet I can figure out why but I hate working on the webpage with the red hot passion of a thousand suns so I'm just going to stick the picture in the mediafire folder too.


The Life part 4 - April 2015

Having a new Playstation and getting to play it are two different things. It shouldn't be that hard.

In back issues.

Back Issues

The Life part 3 - March 2015

You're young, rich and sexy. What do you do? That's right you go out and buy video games.

The Life part 2 - February 2015

The life has it's downsides as Kenny is starting to figure out. It's with the rest of the new comics in back issues. I really need to restructure.

The Life - Also January 2015

It hit me I really should have done a Christmas comic. What makes more sense for a Christmas comic than something along the lines of It's a wonderful life. Very loose sketchy lines,

In back issues.

Payback - January 2015

His stepfather isn't evil but he is close enough to drive Dean crazy. With a little help from friends he comes up with a unique way to get a little payback.

32 pages of my usual weirdness. As always just look for the back issues links.

Two of a Kind - December 2014

Jessie is back and this time things have gone from bad to worse. At least time he's got company.

It's not as long as the last two but it still came in at 29 pages. Just follow the back issue links.

Possessive - November 2014

Don't get too excited the title is misleading it's not that type of possession though I probably should do one of those again.

36 pages just follow the back issues link.

Almost Real - October 2014

One of the Housewives isn't quite as real as the others. A little smaller then the last few comics but still 28 pages.

It's with the back issues in the new comic section.

Buttheads - September 2014

Back in the 90s I think I lost a dozen IQ points watching Beavis and Butthead. I hated the show when I first saw it but then I started watching it with friends and it was the funniest thing ever. The Cornholio episode made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe. I think the show is stupid now and so is this comic. I did get carried away again so it's another large one.

Bad Date part 2 - August 2014

What's worse that getting turned in to a busty female toon? Being a busty female toon on a bad date. Find the conclusion in back issues.

Bad Date - July 2014

The picture probably says it all. What it can't say is this is probably the most fan servicy (Is that a word?) thing I've ever done. If you thought Lady Night was bad you haven't seen anything. It's also the largest thing I've done in a while your e-mail needs to be able to handle 10 meg files. You think in this day in age that wouldn't be an issue but sadly it is.

It's with the back issues.

Keeping up with the Joneses - November 2013